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Quality management in academic libraries
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Marek Nahotko

Quality of library services as a part of educational services


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After a period of natural interest of an industry with problems of quality management, also services institution, even non-profit, like libraries has started their efforts for to upgrade their services quality. Educational services are very specific because of their main aims:

Library services quality is important factor what decides on customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is psychology category yet, what means its subjective and not easy to measure. At the same time the category is a criterion of measure objective library services properties. There is described the main elements of quality systems what decide on library services quality. It is also mentioned the role of a legal regulations and acts, what gives borders for market in the sector. As a conclusion it is mentioned, that libraries and universities as a whole need for more independence and autonomy. If the library uses quality system it needs even more autonomy. For to assure quality of library services it is necessary to provide self-evaluation as well as external evaluation (auditing of library services).

EBIB: Conference Proceedings, no. 1
    M. Nahotko: Quality of library services as a part of quality of education services