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Andrzej Koziara
Silesian University Library

Hardware management in the Silesian University Library


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Modern scientific libraries should be managed to meet the requirements of TQM and TCO management systems. Careful observance of the TCO principles is the factor that determines the efficiency of the systems in the spheres of equipment and human resources. The general efficiency in the area of equipment is determined by the cost of purchases and direct operation (equipment in use) as well as the costs of indirect operation (stand-by equipment). Dynamic flow and modernisation are indispensable to reduce these costs. Information systems are a major element of the costs of computerisation and they, in turn, involve the costs of purchase of software and its implementation, the costs of management of the systems and the costs of training. Similar costs are also generated by other elements of technical equipment, e.g. computer and communication network, workstations, etc. The following issues have to be taken into consideration in order to optimise all these areas: proper preparation of tasks (planning), implementation (the optimisation of the time necessary to reach the results), planning the emergency procedures and the evaluation of results. It is also necessary to provide for the costs connected with human resources management, operating costs of rooms and other departmental costs. Studies indicate that Gauss curve applies here and undercapitalization leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the whole organisation. As far as software is concerned the dominating know-how is that based on Server base Computing systems and the results of its implementation can be already observed in the Library of the University of Silesia.

EBIB: Conference Proceedings, no. 1
    A. Koziara: Equipment management in the Silesian University Library