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Marek Górski
Cracow University of Technology - Main Library

Analysis of current state of the library


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The study of the current state of the Polish libraries co-operating with the Project Tempus JEP 13242-98 was the first task within the frame of the realization of this Project. The main points of the task concerned: elaboration a common scheme of library's analysis including: description of external environment, inputs data (staff, organisational structure, collection, equipment, buildings, finance), outputs data (processes, operations and usage of services) and selected performance indicators, preparation and conduct these analysis in the Polish participating libraries, comparing the results. "Analysis of current state of the library" was a basic activity and it has been used with other work such as study of user needs to the next step: preparation of general and specific development plans.

EBIB: Conference Proceedings, no. 1
    M. Górski: Analysis of current state of the library