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Quality management in academic libraries
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Lidia Derfert-Wolf
University of Technology and Agriculture (Main Library)

Library's strategic plan


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The main aim of the paper is to present the achievements of 3rd work team during the realization of Project Tempus JEP 13242 based on activities of 1st and 2nd team concerning "current state of library" and "survey of user needs". The activity "Preparing general development plan and specific plans for the library" has been described. One of the particlular task was a review of publications concerning strategic planning and comparison existing library's statetegic plans. This paper discusses strategic management rules in context quality management, especially TQM principles such as focus on users needs and expectations, library personel involvement, library personel training, continuing improvement process.

The final achievement was to develop of a common scheme of strategic plan for the academic library and apply the approved principles to plans for each participating library. The common scheme of a final document included the following elements:

  1. mission and vision statement
  2. goals and objectives
  3. operational plan
  4. a set of specific plans such as: human development plan, colllection management policy, IT services development, library users training strategy.

Special attention has been devoted to the factors which should determine our library strategic plans. These include: university mission statement, quality principles, customer oriented. The examples from "Strategic plan of the Library of the University of Technology and Agriculture" have been shown. Finally, it has been pointed out that having a good strategic plan and TQM principles, even without formal TQM impementation, is very important and usefull at every stage of library activities from planning through the library every-day duties.

EBIB: Conference Proceedings, no. 1
    L. Derfert-Wolf: Library's strategic plans