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Dorota Buzdygan - Cracow University of Technology (Main Library)
Mirosława Różycka - Szczecin University (Main Library)
Jolanta Sobielga - Kielce University of Technology (Main Library)
Elżbieta Tomczak - University of Technology and Agriculture (Main Library)

Survey of users needs using LIBRA software


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The article is a report of survey done in range of Tempus Project JEP 1342-98, concerning needs of academic library clients. In the article there was discussed methodology of needs identification, using "Libra" software. There was determined set of needs of various importance hierarchies for users and the satisfaction level with the library services, provided in each of the libraries. There were done comparative analyses of needs among the libraries that took part in the Project. The methodology of analysis of information needs that was presented in the article may be used in the process of library management as a tool of monitoring of library performance.

EBIB: Conference Proceedings, no. 1
    D. Buzdygan, M. Różycka, J. Sobielga, E. Tomczak: Survey of users needs