Cooperation and advertising

Electronic Library Service EBIB has been functioning since 1999. It is an opinion-forming medium, highly respected by Polish library environment. EBIB organizes a wide range of library events (for example Open Access Week) and conferences etc. It co-operates with many Polish and foreign institutions, mostly with those which realize similar objectives. Majority of  EBIB’s partners are  academic, public, pedagogical and school libraries. Service EBIB is also a member of Polish Coalition for Open Education. Within the frames of that organization EBIB has opportunity to realize the idea of opening of educational, research and cultural resources. Statistics show that EBIB is regularly visited by 92000 unique users, among which 68000 are return visitors. The service has high search engine ranking, especially in Google. Electronic Library Service EBIB willingly co-operates with variety of institutions, not only from library environment. The scope of potential areas of such co-operation is quite wide.

“Bulletin EBIB”, a professional journal published by the EBIB Association, is very frequently cited in many scientific publications and as a result archival issues are regularly visited as well.

Another important part of the service is section called “Publications” in which Polish library conferences materials, publications concerning EBIB, materials dealing with contemporary problems of Polish LIS are published. Occasionally some materials published in that section are printed and sent to the libraries for free.

Banner campaign

Advantages of banner advertisement are numerous. Banners catch visitors’ attention and make the click, they also develop benchmark awareness. On EBIB’s website banners are placed  in the right column or in the top. Cost of typical banner per month is 600 PLN + 23% VAT. If co-operation lasts longer, it is possible to negotiate the reduction in price.

Advertisement in “Bulletin EBIB”

There are many different ways to advertise in “Bulletin EBIB” – a sponsored article, a logotype placed in an issue main page, a logotype placed in each article etc. This kind of campaign is always designed especially, so costs are varying.

Advertisement in “Publications” section

Costs of such kind of advertisement depends on publication form – digital only or both, digital and paper one.

Quizzes for readers

EBIB is ready to prepare a campaign which involves readers (such as quizzes) as well to conduct a reader survey on specified subject. Campaign in social media. Facebook,  Twitter, Google+

Contact person: Dagmara Sawicka, Secretary of EBIB Association, Marketing and Promotion Specialist,, tel. : +48 (81) 5017894; + 48 519 423 803.




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