Opublikuj artykuł w SEEIR

Szanowni Państwo,

Redakcja EBIB przesyła wam zaproszenie od Karen Rondestvedt, redaktorki międzynarodowego czasopisma Slavic & East European Information Resources do szybkiego opublikowania artykułu w następnym numerze czasopisma.

Dear colleagues,

This message is an urgent call for papers and reviews for Slavic & East European Information Resources, vol. 14, no. 4.

The deadline for articles to be peer reviewed was June 14, but if you have an article that is almost ready, I can extend the deadline somewhat. Please contact me. For reviews and column pieces the deadline is July 12. If you can come close to that deadline but not quite make it, please contact the column editor (see below) or me.

If you had an article rejected, please consider revising it according to the suggestions you received and resubmitting it.

We consider articles to be peer reviewed and various kinds of less formal items. You might, for example, consider submitting a piece for the Internet column.  Contact its editor, Jill Golden (jegolden@stanford.edu) with articles and ideas about anything Web-related or digital.

Hugh Truslow (truslow@fas.harvard.edu) is SEEIR’s Reviews editor. He has set up a site with a list of works waiting to be reviewed: https://sites.google.com/site/seeirreviews/home. Please volunteer for one or more of them. Or suggest a book to him and volunteer to review it.

See the journal’s website, http://www.stanford.edu/~rondest/SEEIR/, for the full range of possibilities, instructions for authors, deadlines, etc. If you truly cannot make the deadline for vol. 14, no. 4, we need material for vol. 15, no. 2/3, too! (Vol. 15, no. 1 will be a special issue  devoted to East European research resources in the New York area.)

Thank you, as always, for your support of SEEIR.  Feel free to contact the column editors; our managing editor, Barbara Krupa (krupa@stanford.edu); or me with ideas, or simply send us your material.

Karen Rondestvedt
Editor, Slavic & East European Information Resources
1112 S. Delaware St.
San Mateo, CA 94402