Zaproszenie na seminarium na Łotwie

“Leading Change”: A seminar on leading and following change in libraries and other organizations. Sponsored by the University of Latvia. August 25-28. (On August 29th there’s a separate library event and a very special reason to be in Latvia: the grand opening of the National Library of Latvia in Riga!) ABSTRACT: „Together, we will consider theories of leadership, followership, “leading from the middle”, team development, change, conflict, staff empowerment, and motivation. We will examine these topics from both internal and external perspectives, using our expertise from inside the library profession and pursuing ideas from outside our profession. Topics will be explored through readings, lectures, small group guided discussions, interspersed with films and folk literature from Latvian culture. Ratnieki provides a unique setting in which we will take time for self-reflection and team projects as we learn how we lead/follow and want to lead/follow to achieve organizational goals.”

I would forward the information to you in case there are any Polish librarians who would like to take part in a four day seminar in Latvia. I think there are 12 registrants and there is room for 16. Ratnieki is an old farm/resort near Sigulda with its own story. Now owned by the University of Latvia. A beautiful setting. August 29, the day after the seminar, is the official opening of the new National Library in Riga. If anyone is interested, I’ll be happy to be a contact. The seminar will be in English. Here is the Latvian link: The cost is 170 Euros, including accommodation, meals and transport from Riga.

Nadesłał do Polski: John Lubans,